Let’s pick a name!


On 22 October to November 3 residents of Garður and Sandgerði can choose the name of the municipality.

There are three choices to pick from as the new name for the united municipality of Garður and Sandgerði.

The names to choose from are:

  • Heiðarbyggð
  • Suðurnesjabær
  • Municipality of Miðgarður

The survey will take place during the opening hours in the town hall in Garður and Sandgerði from October 22nd to November 2nd. You will also be able to participate in the primary school in Sandgerði and in Gerðaskóli on Saturday, November 3rd, between kl. 10:00 and 20:00. Residents participate in the district where they live, people in Sandgerði in the town hall in Sandgerði or the Sandgerður Primary School and people in Garður in the town hall in Garður or in Gerðaskóla. 

All residents domiciled in the municipality before October 26nd , born in 2002 or earlier may participate.